Sometimes a little gem falls into your lap that’s just what you were looking for, is it for anyone that’s wanted a form on their website to capture information and give them back real metric data.

Creating a form is easy, too easy – it feels like you’re forgetting something but it’s all there. Drag and drop you fields, type your questions, add a little flare and your done.

Of course some forms in life are more complicated than others and some things need review – not a problem, share and work as a team. Use A/ B split testing to find the best way to get information out of people and have analytics to know when / where and how people are responding to your forms.

Entry price of FREE is – as always – a great thing and lets you really get a feel for it before committing to a subscription model.

So where it’s giving a quiz or asking for feedback from your user base, I have to say that this is the easiest form system I’ve found to date – enjoy!