Rick Rush

Rich Rush, an internationally renowned sports artist, approached AERON to review and provide insight into the future of their SquareSpace store and how they should grow their online business using SquareSpace. What started out as a conversation has become much more over the first half of 2018, and from a simple start resulted in $200,000 in savings and the creation of a new art form.

We started with migrating the store from SquareSpace to Shopify e-commerce. Why? For a number of reason; ranging from convoluted code with poor SEO viability to mobile friendly design issues and lack Google analytics tracking. If you can measure you can’t see progress, and without tools to measure you can’t grow a site.

Where as SquareSpace has an e-commerce function Shopify is e-commerce first and foremost. It’s about keeping up with customers and inventory and the pretty flashy galleries and effects come later, business 1st is Shopify’s main objective.

Once Shopify was in place it was time to get inventory, and the  AERON team stepped up and assisted on-site to take photographs of paintings, sort inventory and write descriptions hand-n-hand with the owners Rick Rush and David Finney.

As AERON came to understand the nature of the clients business and customer attrition we began to suggest and direct uses of emerging tech to expand their business. a customer Wiki as created to help customer understand the differences and value of the art and for the sales team a fully functioning CRM ( customer relationship management ).


  • CLIENT Jireh Publishing International Inc.
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Design & Wireframing, SEO, Content Management
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